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  • Thanks, Chris!
  • What file would that be? I tried using an mp4 file but the background cameras don't recognise it. Gif files remain static.
  • Will there be support for animated backgrounds in future updates of AC?
  • I can send you a package with a test room that shows the problem. How should I send it to you?
  • The canvas will shut off as if the menu had turned off. I placed the code into the manual conversation script and attached it to an empty game object inside the room. But running the game didn't make the scroll view buttons appear.
  • Ok, so I set it to during conversation and it worked! That is very strange since I thought the Manual Conversation being in the room. would allow it to work in manual. Though, this also means that the manual conversation script isn't working. …
  • The text objects are children of the buttons. They are activating as normal but because the buttons are not activating, they cannot be seen. Changing to clear content did not change anything. The buttons still refused to appear. I tried co…
  • Sorry: Unity: 2018.3 AC: 1.66 The scroll view should be on the left-hand side displaying the options like this: But they aren't. The buttons were working a few days ago and now they are not. They should be working fine since everything s…
  • Hi Chris. One last thing with the evidence pictures. Is it possible to get the image value from an instantiated object? So, for example. If I wanted to get the InvItem image value of an instantiated object.
  • Ah. Thank you!
  • Hi Chris. What I am trying to do is get items from the inventory category "evidence" and instantiate them into a grid with a frame object "photo". I reconfigured the script to find a way around the errors. By feeding the blank object into the …
  • I have the last release, I will back up and update to the most current release. I have not modified AC's code.
  • Just in case. I am using canvases to hold the horizontal layout grid I am using to sort the inventory objects.
  • I tried that way, but the foreach will throw me an error saying it can only handle integers. InvItem Evidencelist = KickStarter.inventoryManager.GetItemsInCategory(0)*; foreach* (InvItem item in KickStarter.inventoryManager.GetItemsInCa…
  • The code for what we are trying to do is here in this pasteall:
  • By article, I mean the item within the inventory. Each item in the inventory under a certain category is to be stored and assigned an object in a UI menu with its main graphic as a logo.
  • Got a test UI menu working and tested out the dialogue. The custom dialogue seems to be ignoring the rich text code. This is the custom action that I am using to display the highlighted text.
  • I didn't link it to an object in the scene. Looking back over the notes I pulled up in trying to find a solution to the problem. I couldn't find anything telling me that I needed to attach the script to an object for the var to read from it. Know…
  • Tested it and found the problem. It's displaying fine now. Thank you!
  • Sorry, saved the link and installing the managers now.

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