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  • Thanks. It works great!
  • Hi Chris. Thanks for the response. My models don't have blend shapes but they do have jawbones. Is there a way to animate the jawbones so they open and close a certain amount from the script switch statement?
  • Found the issue. It was a slight issue with the shader I was using. An update to the shader fixed it. Since we are trying to create character models inspired by Fear Effect and Grim Fandango; we want to add jaw movement when the characters speak…
  • Yes, It is set to Game Object Texture and I am not getting any messages.
  • These are the lines as they should be in the text. And these are the lines that show up on the screen. For some reason, the apostrophy does not appear. The only character that I can tell is being removed is apostrophes. This works in one samp…
  • Thanks, Chris!
  • Thanks, Chris! Is it possible to reference all hotspots? Since the player will not be using any of their IB in P&C mode.
  • I was able to get the effect in AC menu by setting the menu elements for the icons to override the icons themselves, then set their highlight texture to the icons. That worked perfectly.
  • The icons would only appear if the player has selected them. So, the icon menu would only show the selected interaction.
  • I was able to get the menu working by setting the interaction selection method to hotspot then interaction, and from there tweaking how the two menus function. I would prefer if there was a way to get the icons to appear only when selected so the…
  • Right now, I am able to get the normal interaction menu to change, but the direct version of the menu is not showing up when I try to get it to appear. Is there a particular size the interaction icon menu needs to be for it to be placed correctly…
  • An example of the kind of HUD I am going for would be one like this from Fear Effect. Where the interaction icons would be in either the top right or top centre of the screen.
  • I want to find a way to move the icons up to the top right of the screen so it can be placed over a black border when the controls are set to direct since as now, the icons are just in the middle of the screen.
  • I've tried the multiple menus approach, but nothing I do seems to work. The icons always appear at the centre of the screen. I've tried manipulating the normal interaction screen but the same problem appears where the icons will not obey the appe…
  • I'm using the AC menu, but I'll try the duplicate menu. Thanks!
  • Hi Chris. The code seems to spawn a clone of the linked prefab, but the prefabs mesh render does not show. Does the linked prefab need to be the pickup parent for that object or the base object itself? I assumed the pickup as it contains the moveabl…
  • Hi Chris. Testing this out today with the generic UI menu. Does this component go in the evidence object itself or is it a controller object that just needs to be in the scene?
  • Thanks Chris! I want the player to be able to examine the item before adding it to their inventory as well as within it. Will this work fine for that, or would that require something different?
  • Thanks, Chris!

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