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  • Thank you Chris, youre right. it would be better to stick to simple sprites unity complex for now, because AC alone is still pretty comnplicated for me. But now at least i know how to limit player movement to one axis and how to create and play anim…
  • Sorry, if im asking stupid questions. I know that you described possibilities to limit movement to one axis above. By rotation animation i mean animated frames between rotation (flip) from one facing side to another:…
  • Good day, i have purchased AC and my work on assets is already slowing down, because im not painting, but trying to figure out what else i need to learn. Now I know how to create animation loops and animations in unity, but the AC is still quite co…
  • Hello Chris, thank you for your welcome and your quick and explanatory reply, plus generous possibility of refund. I will dig info about animation loops in unity and i hope i will be able to understand them, because im looking forward to start putt…
  • I am interested in buying AC too and dont want to create another thread. So, if i can, i will ask here. I would like to start working (as hobby) on adventure game with player movement limited only to x axis. movement should be still controlled by mo…
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