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  • (Quote) Tell me how to apply it? Does it need to be placed somewhere? (I mean how to set up correctly)
  • The guys have a wonderful asset "InVentor" which already has integration with the AС. Unlike GKC, the "InVentor" asset is very easy to set up; 90% of it is …
  • Thank you, it worked.
  • Everything is fine, thank you very much Chris!
  • (Image) I changed the script a little but the language switch does not happen, what is wrong with the code? using UnityEngine;using AC;using Naninovel;public class NaninovelLanguage: MonoBehaviour { public string[] languages = new string[] {&qu…
  • Anyway, I'm doing something wrong, I connected the script when the Shoot-01 scene is loaded in the start position of the script, but everything still did not give results, what am I doing wrong? (Image)
  • (Image) This is not an easy decision. Perhaps it's much easier to add a variable to the "Player Start" itself, which will determine the "Marker" in which you want to move the player after loading the level. It's much easier than…
  • Unfortunately it doesn't work. (Image) I'm not arguing with you, but perhaps the definition of "run" should appear in "Available inputs" ? (This is just my opinion.) Or I've set it up wrong?
  • ...\NaninovelAdventureCreator\Runtime\Actions\ActionPlayNaninovelScript.cs Is it possible to check for the presence of languages ​​and which ones should be in the switching script itself for their further switching? (I could be wrong (This is just …
  • Two language switching scripts in NaniNovel, maybe this will come in handy: using System.Collections;using System.Collections.Generic;using UnityEngine;using UnityEngine.UI;using Naninovel;public class LangSwitcherRu : MonoBehaviour{ public Butt…
  • Sorry, I'm completely confused, what should I do so that there is no mistake?
  • Thanks, that's how it works! But what about when I have transitions from scene "A" to scene "B" not only one but several. For example, in scene A there are 4 corners (A1, A2, A3, A4) and I need to go to scene "B" in whi…
  • (Image) Script added, but how to understand that it works? When pressing "Shift" the player does not run. What else needs to be done?
  • Please tell me how to set up that when you press "Shift" the player always ran? (Now it's set to double click by default, this includes running (or do I need to fix that script you wrote above?))
  • When transitioning from an AC > GKC scene, the game freezes with an error (Image) Transferred the value of "Object: Call event" to the change from GKC > AC did not give results, tell me what I'm doing …
  • Fixed a little code so that there is a rounding using UnityEngine;using AC;public class HealthTransferrer : MonoBehaviour{ public void TransferHealthToGKC () { int life = GlobalVariables.GetVariable ("Life").IntegerValue; …
  • (Quote) The game will not always switch between assets in the same scene (level) it can be such that in one scene the player is in AC mode and after loading the level and the player is immediately in GKC mode In javascript, this is called (referenc…
  • Thanks a lot! I'm still a long way from learning "C#" but it shouldn't be too hard to learn from a knowledge of JavaScript because JavaScript is a "C" like language. Please correct the script so that changes in the variable chan…
  • Hey Chris! Please help with a script that will transfer the value from AC to GKC (Life Level) (Image) The value of the variables can be found in the script at the given path in the hierarchy: (Image)
  • (Quote) Please tell me, maybe you know somewhere on the official forum or website of Unity, you can track this error in order to understand the developers of the engine will fix it or is it just a mistake of some version of the unity assembly.
    in Loading UI Comment by Animal March 14

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