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  • Thanks Chris, The new script works perfectly even after reopening, and the explanations keep me going.
  • Thanks Chris, it works perfectly!
  • Thanks Chris, By changing the first hotspot.TurnOn(); in TurnOff, it works: When the desired item flies over the area, the TV lights up, when it is another item, the TV does not light up. But when the empty cursor hovers over the area the TV lights …
  • Thanks Chris, but I have 4 CS0123 errors: No overload for 'OnInventoryDeselect' matches delegate 'EventManager.Delegate_Inventory' on the instructions: EventManager.OnInventorySelect += OnInventorySelect;
  • Thanks, I'll try that.
  • That's great, thanks, it works, as always.
  • Thanks you Chris, your response is very fast ! In the image above, in the Hotspot of "Support1", in Inventory Interaction. In the ActionList, the parameter works correctly, it is to assign its value when dropping the object from the invent…
  • Thank you very much Chris. I did what you told me, which worked, except the default cursor was appearing at inopportune times. I got around the problem by creating a fully transparent texture for the default cursor, and it works the way I want now!
  • Thanks Chris, here are the requested screenshot: (Image) But even if I select in the cursor area of ​​the Towel Button the O:Utiliser, it doesn't work. And again, if I try in an Adventure Creator menu with the cursor 0:Use for example, it does no…
  • I struggled because I'm learning, but I got there. Thanks.
  • Thanks Chris. Indeed, that's what I did. The problem is that the stroke fades when the state is idle, which is normal. It would have been necessary to exploit the Emitting option of Trail Renderer I think.
  • Thank you very much, I placed the "Trait" GameObject as a child of Knife, with the Trail Renderer component and adjusting its parameters, the effect is exactly what I wanted ! But on the other hand I would like the line to stop when the kn…
  • I have a backup with many of my ActionLists, how should I proceed? I convert one by one to ActionLists assets and copy to my project, or is there another way? Thanks.
  • I just understood that it was not about the editor but about the inspector. And in the Interaction component I have the choice Restore data... which didn't work. And in there is the choice to convert to ActionLists assets, I think I'll use that.
  • Thank you, but I'm the one who apologizes, I shouldn't have saved with the error, I could disable it by commenting on it. I couldn't find the cog in ActionLists. (Image) The menu at the top right with the 3 small dots does not give the choice Actio…
  • Thank you for your kindness. I hadn't thought of creating an empty texture, I should have. However, after having done so, this empty texture did not replace the previous one, it was to be expected since clicking again on a key did nothing. But thank…
  • If the "Emplacements" menu is before the "Clavier" menu, the Var_Slot1 variable is modified to 1 by clicking on the 1 key. If it is the opposite, the manual change of the variable Var_Slot1 modifies the display.
  • One more item: In the "Clavier" menu, if I drag "Touche1" from the "Clavier" Prefab into the Linked Button box of Button #1, it works. But when I stop and do it again, it doesn't work anymore.
  • I removed the Hotspots from the "Clavier" keys, and the collider boxes too, but that didn't change anything. I'm going step by step, so for now my Action List is minimal. I just want to change the var_slot1 variable since its value determi…
  • Hello and thank you again, I made progress but... not all the way. I have my display which is bound to variables. When I manually change the value of these variables during the game, it works. But I can't manage to impact the variable by pressing a …
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