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  • After 7 months of development we created a real game with the help of Adventure Creator. It is now available for Windows, Mac and Android. You can find it on our website or in the google playstore just search "Arnos Trip&quo…
  • All other scenes you can access from PLACE that are not PRISON or MOUNTAIN. I did a quick and dirty workaround due to time issues. Now I block the saving function when i leave PRISON or MOUNTAIN and enable it again after switching from PLACE to an v…
    in Saving Bug Comment by Valdur June 2016
  • Ok I will try to explain it with real scene names, maybe this is more understandable. We have a PLACE where all the other scenes are accessible from. All places that work are entered by an hotspot which overlays the door graphic. The scenes which do…
    in Saving Bug Comment by Valdur June 2016
  • It is getting really worse, when this happens every other save on this slot also relocates me to this broken Save Game (also the Inventar Items are gone... strangely not the ones which where gathered before this incident).
    in Saving Bug Comment by Valdur June 2016
  • Indeed if I save in scene A goto scene B and start the movie scene C (which returns to B) and then I am saving and loading the game loads to scene A. It should load to scene B.
    in Saving Bug Comment by Valdur June 2016
  • After endless testing I got some kind of clue what could be the problem... the problems start after a scene which contains only a cutscene (some kind of movie for the story). After this scene it starts to happen that I save in Scene E and load this …
    in Saving Bug Comment by Valdur June 2016
  • Maybe this works for you too?
  • It seems if you set the NavMesh z Position to a Positiv Value in my case 10 the NavMash and the hotspots work fine.
  • Oh sorry did not see the question 5.3.5f1 Personal And AC 1.51g
  • As soon as I disable the NavMesh all Hotspots are starting to work, with this information is it still necessary to search for other colliders on the Default layer? Every NPC has a collider for its place were he stands. And for the Items in the Game …
  • When i Build exactly the same for WebGL all Hotspots work flawless.
  • There is also some kind of random factor... seldomly the characters inside the navmash work fine too but not very often and without any recognizable pattern. This is some kind of major bug for us right now, we would be very happy if you could help u…
  • It seems that all characters which are with major parts inside the 2dNavMesh have big problems with Hotspot Area... When i Move the Character on top of the 2NavMesh it works fine. (Image)
  • I found some rule behind it... If a hotspot (NPC for example) is placed below the 2dNavMesh which is used for navigation and 50% of the body reaches into the 2dNavMesh this part of the Hotspot does not work, you need to click below the 2dNavMesh on …
  • In addition i recognized that sometimes some hotspots are smaller than they should be, but not every time sometimes they fit excatly the right size (mostly a scene reload change fixes or causes this problem)
  • Thanks for your advice... sadly i did it and even deleted those hotspots which did not work and created them again. They still missfuntion... still clueless...
  • Ah ok thank :)
  • Its in the  MenuElement.cs script search for this line, here you can replace 4f with whatever you like. Is that the correct way Chris? fontScaleFactor = EditorGUILayout.Slider ("Text size:", fontScaleFactor, 1f, 4f);
    in Font size Comment by Valdur June 2016
  • I have the same problem, I want to create a resolution independent Menü for my mobile device. I did choose manual size (80% width) the textsize of 4 is way to small for this kind of menu. I did try your suggestion with the richtext attribute <siz…
    in Font size Comment by Valdur June 2016
  • Yes I understand that this is mainly not in your hands... now that I understand that there is a problem it is not a problem anymore... just don't commit right after gathering texts ;)
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