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  • Thanks, that's exactly what I meant!
  • Hi, folks! I want to use a hotspot to trigger a bolt visual script sequence. Does someone know an easier way to make this than using Object>Call event>Trigger unity event? (Image) I tried using hotspot with custom script set as interaction so…
  • Ok I'm stupid, I forgot to change a setting in the button component. If you could just explain what I'm doing wrong in the prefab part it would be great.
  • I tried to follow the Inventory UI tutorial: It basically says to make your design with unity ui and make it a prefab, then link it to the adventure creator menu system via canva…
  • I ended up getting Bolt, and with your awesome help and tips managed to develop a pretty cool character controller, and integrate its movement it with AC - pausing controller in cutscene, walk to direction, face direction etc. Thanks a lot!
  • Wow, thanks! I got it working, which considering I can't code at all is pretty great. I can recommend this method to anyone who is looking at more platform feel adventure. The only drawback I can think of now is that looks like Move to Point don't w…
  • I tried using the movement from the Brackeys tutorial and it worked really smooth. It's just 2 additional scripts: (Image) But being moved with a third party script, now the player can move freely during "pause gameplay" cutscenes and can…
  • It's latest version of Unity with the latest AC. The errors are really weird - they are just a red icon without description. There is no difference if it's a new project or existing one.
  • Thanks, Chris! Great plugin by the way :) I have found the demo example and figured out the manual animation switching, but still have some problems with character mirroring (at some times it's in some weird state between -1 and 1 scale resulting in…
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