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  • I can't find any instance of Menu : Change state in any of these actions. The only change that I've made from the resolution settings tutorial at is that I've changed UI basis f…
  • I've changed Set resolution ActionList's when running to 'is set to Run In Background'. The Appear Type is set to 'Manual'. With those settings the Options menu still disappears when choosing the resolution setting from the dropdown.
  • I discovered what the issue was. I had added a fullscreen toggle to the InitResolutionVariable, but I got the Variables of the resolution setting and the fullscreen setting mixed up. After I discovered this and added the correct Variable void InitR…
  • Thanks for taking the time to respond and troubleshoot this issue. This is great support. We're trying to ship on Thursday, so might take a while to reformat the .zip the scene having the issue. Will try ASAP. Thanks again.
  • (Quote) They are in sequential logic branches being routed with a changing variable value. The logic tree is otherwise sound as there are other elements, inventory items, etc. that are being effected and they all work as expected. (Quote) Correct. …
  • Unity version 2020.3.11f1 The addition and removal of this journal entry are still in the same scene and the same result occurs. When attemptin…
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