Adventure Creator  1.74.2
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2019
AC.MenuActionList Class Reference
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- Public Member Functions inherited from AC.ActionListAsset
void CopyFromActionList (ActionList actionList)
bool IsSkippable ()
 Checks if the ActionListAsset is skippable. This is safer than just reading 'isSkippable', because it also accounts for actionListType - since ActionLists that run in the background cannot be skipped More...
void Interact ()
 Runs the ActionList asset file More...
void Interact (List< ActionParameter > newParameters)
 Runs the ActionList asset file, but updates parameter values before doing so More...
void RunFromIndex (int index)
 Runs the ActionList asset file from a set point. More...
RuntimeActionList Interact (int parameterID, int parameterValue)
 Runs the ActionList asset file, after setting the value of an integer parameter if it has one. More...
RuntimeActionList[] GetRuntimeInstances ()
 Gets an array of all ActionLists associated with this asset that are currently running. More...
void KillAllInstances ()
 Kills all currently-running instances of the asset. More...
ActionParameter GetParameter (int _ID)
 Gets a parameter of a given ID number. This is not a default parameter, but one used at runtime to actually modify Actions. More...
List< ActionParameterGetParameters ()
 Gets all parameters associated with the asset. If called in Edit mode, these will be the default parameters. If called at runtime, this will instead return the parameters used at runtime to actually modify Actions. More...
void AssignParameterValues (List< ActionParameter > newParameters)
 Updates a List of parameter values to be used at runtime. More...
void AfterDownloading ()
int GetInventoryReferences (InvItem item)
int GetMenuReferences (Menu menu)
int GetMenuElementReferences (Menu menu, MenuElement element)
int GetVariableReferences (GVar _variable)
int GetVariableReferences (GVar _variable, int variablesConstantID)
int GetDocumentReferences (Document document)
int GetObjectiveReferences (Objective objective)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AC.ActionListAsset
static void ConvertToCutscene (MenuCommand command)
static void ConvertToActionListAsset (MenuCommand command)
static void FindGlobalReferences (MenuCommand command)
static void SyncAssetObjects (ActionListAsset actionListAsset)
static ActionListAsset CreateFromActions (string fileName, string filePath, List< Action > _actions)
- Public Attributes inherited from AC.ActionListAsset
List< AC.Actionactions = new List<AC.Action>()
bool isSkippable = true
ActionListType actionListType = ActionListType.PauseGameplay
bool unfreezePauseMenus = true
bool useParameters = false
bool canRunMultipleInstances = false
bool canSurviveSceneChanges = false
bool revertToDefaultParametersAfterRunning = false
int tagID
- Properties inherited from AC.ActionListAsset
List< ActionParameterDefaultParameters [get, set]
int NumParameters [get]

Detailed Description

This class has been deprecated since AC, v1.34.