Adventure Creator  1.76.2
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2022
AC.PlayerStart Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AC.PlayerStart:

Public Member Functions

void PlacePlayerAt ()
bool MatchesPreviousScene (int _playerID)
void SetCameraOnStart ()
override void DrawGizmos ()

Public Attributes

ChooseSceneBy chooseSceneBy = ChooseSceneBy.Number
int previousScene
string previousSceneName
bool fadeInOnStart
float fadeSpeed = 0.5f
_Camera cameraOnStart
List< int > playerIDs = new List<int> ()
bool limitByPlayer = false
PlayerStartActiveOption limitByActive = PlayerStartActiveOption.NoLimit

Protected Attributes

GameObject playerOb

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AC.Marker
void Awake ()
void OnDrawGizmos ()
void OnDrawGizmosSelected ()
- Properties inherited from AC.Marker
Vector3 Position [get]
float ForwardAngle [get]
Vector3 ForwardDirection [get]
Quaternion Rotation [get]
Transform Transform [get]

Detailed Description

Defines a possible starting position for the Player when the scene loads, based on what the previous scene was If no appropriate PlayerStart is found, then the defaultPlayerStart defined in SceneSettings will be used instead.

Member Function Documentation

◆ PlacePlayerAt()

void AC.PlayerStart.PlacePlayerAt ( )

Places the Player at the GameObject's position, and activates the assigned cameraOnStart.

◆ SetCameraOnStart()

void AC.PlayerStart.SetCameraOnStart ( )

Makes the assigned cameraOnStart the active _Camera.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cameraOnStart

_Camera AC.PlayerStart.cameraOnStart

The _Camera that should be made active when the Player starts the scene from this point

◆ chooseSceneBy

ChooseSceneBy AC.PlayerStart.chooseSceneBy = ChooseSceneBy.Number

If autoActivateFromPrevious = True, the way in which the previous scene is identified by (Number, Name)

◆ fadeInOnStart

bool AC.PlayerStart.fadeInOnStart

If True, then the MainCamera will fade in when the Player starts the scene from this point

◆ fadeSpeed

float AC.PlayerStart.fadeSpeed = 0.5f

The speed of the fade, if the MainCamera fades in when the Player starts the scene from this point

◆ limitByActive

PlayerStartActiveOption AC.PlayerStart.limitByActive = PlayerStartActiveOption.NoLimit

Whether to limit activation by active / inactive Players

◆ limitByPlayer

bool AC.PlayerStart.limitByPlayer = false

If True, and player-switching is allowed, then only specific Players can use this from previous scenes

◆ playerIDs

List<int> AC.PlayerStart.playerIDs = new List<int> ()

If >= 0, and player-switching is allowed, then this will only be used to automatically place the Player with the same ID value

◆ previousScene

int AC.PlayerStart.previousScene

The number of the previous scene to check for

◆ previousSceneName

string AC.PlayerStart.previousSceneName

The name of the previous scene to check for