Adventure Creator  1.76.2
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2022
AC.SceneInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 SceneInfo (int _buildIndex, string _filename, bool _addedToBuildSettings=true)
bool IsCurrentActive ()
 Checks if this represents the currently-active main scene More...
bool Open (bool forceReload=false)
 Loads the scene normally. More...
void Add ()
void Close (bool evenIfCurrent=false)
AsyncOperation OpenAsync ()
 Loads the scene asynchronously. More...


string Filename [get]
int BuildIndex [get]

Detailed Description

A data container for an actual scene in the build.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SceneInfo()

AC.SceneInfo.SceneInfo ( int  _buildIndex,
string  _filename,
bool  _addedToBuildSettings = true 

The default constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ Add()

void AC.SceneInfo.Add ( )

Adds the scene additively.

◆ Close()

void AC.SceneInfo.Close ( bool  evenIfCurrent = false)

Closes the scene additively.

◆ IsCurrentActive()

bool AC.SceneInfo.IsCurrentActive ( )

Checks if this represents the currently-active main scene

True if this represents the currently-active main scene

◆ Open()

bool AC.SceneInfo.Open ( bool  forceReload = false)

Loads the scene normally.

forceReloadIf True, the scene will be re-loaded if it is already open.

◆ OpenAsync()

AsyncOperation AC.SceneInfo.OpenAsync ( )

Loads the scene asynchronously.

The generated AsyncOperation class

Property Documentation

◆ BuildIndex

int AC.SceneInfo.BuildIndex

The scene's build index number

◆ Filename

string AC.SceneInfo.Filename

The scene's filename, without extension or filepath