Creating a new game

Once you have set up your Layers and Inputs correctly (see this tutorial), you are ready to create your game's Managers. Managers are the core of any game made with Adventure Creator, as they store it's settings, inventory items, variables and more.

Adventure Creator comes with a New Game Wizard, which handles the creation of these Managers, and gives them their basic settings, based on your choices.

You can bring up the wizard from the top menu, under Adventure Creator -> Getting started -> New Game Wizard.

The wizard is made up of several pages, which you can click through using the buttons at the bottom of the window:

Follow the instructions on each page, the first being to type in your game's name, which will be used for naming your Manager files, amongst other things.

You will get a chance to review and amend your choices at the end of the wizard. When you are ready, click Finish. Adventure Creator will create your Managers in a new folder:

And your Settings Manager will be set up in the way that you specified:

If you ever need to re-assign your Managers (after e.g. updating Adventure Creator), you can do so in bulk by selecting your game's Manager Package asset file, and clicking Assign managers in it's Inspector. Your game's Manager Package file can be found in your new game's subfolder:

You now just need two things to have an adventure game: a scene to play in, and a character to play as.

Adventure Creator and this website are copyright Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios

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