Displaying subtitles and dialogue options together

Conversations allow dialogue sequences to become interactive, allowing the player to choose from a list of dialogue options. Normally, these two are display separately - but it is possible to display the last line of speech and options at the same time, so that the player can see what they are responding to.

As an example, here's an ActionList sequence that involves an NPC saying something, followed by a Conversation that presents the player with responses:

By default, the Conversation will only display once the NPC has finished speaking. We can prevent this by inserting the [hold] token into their speech text:

When this token is detected, the ActionList will continue while the speech line remains on-screen indefinitely:

The speech line will need to be stopped manually once the player makes a choice. This can be done by inserting a Dialogue: Stop speech Action at the start of each Conversation option's response: