First steps: Layers and inputs

Adventure Creator makes use of a few Layers and Inputs that will need to be defined before your game will run properly. Layers are used to sort and organise objects in your scene, and Inputs are used to detect keyboard and controller presses and mouse movement.

When you install the Adventure Creator, it will search for the required settings, and ask you if it can add them automatically if they do not exist. If you want or need to add them manually, however, you can do so by following the steps below:

The available Layers can be found at the top-right of the Inspector view when a GameObject is selected:

The following Layers must be defined: NavMesh and Background Image. Click Add Layer… and enter them in manually.

Note that Adventure Creator requires no custom Tags to be defined.

Next, you will need to define Adventure Creator's required Inputs. Adventure Creator alters it's required Inputs based on what settings you choose for your game, but in order to run the demo game, you only need to create one: Menu.

The Input Manager can be found from the main toolbar, under Edit -> Project settings -> Input.

Create a new Axis called "Menu" and set it up as shown below. The Positive Button field determines which key must be pressed to toggle the demo game's Pause Menu.

And that's it! You can now run both demo games, and start creating your own.

Adventure Creator and this website are copyright Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios

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