Providing an optional translation

Your game can feature as many translations as you can manage, and can be chosen by the player in-game. All text in your game can be translated: including speech lines, Hotspot labels and Menu elements.

To be able to create a translation, Adventure Creator must go through your game and assign each line of text a unique ID number. Before this can happen, you must make sure that every scene in your game is added to the Build Settings.

To add a scene to the Build Settings, first open the scene and choose File -> Build Settings from the top toolbar.

Then click Add current to add it to the list of Scenes in build.

When you have done this for all of your scenes, click the Speech tab in Adventure Creator's Game Editor window.

If you are using one of the Demo Speech Managers, unset it and follow the instructions to create a new one.

Underneath the Speech lines heading, click Gather text. Adventure Creator will search your game for translatable text, and list it beneath.

Underneath the Translations heading, click Create new translation, and enter the translation's language into the text box that appears.

Beside this box, click Export CSV, and you will be prompted to save a CSV file. CSV files are spreadsheets, and can be opened by Excel and OpenOffice, amongst other tools.

Your game's text will be listed twice, in the third and fourth columns. The third column is for your reference - the fourth column is to be replaced by your translator with the translated text.

When the CSV file has been updated and saved, re-import it back into Adventure Creator. Click Import CSV and choose the CSV file.

To access this translation in-game, you must choose it from within the Options menu. If your game uses either of the two Menu Managers used by the Demo games, you can access these options from the Pause Menu.

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