Running the demo games

Adventure Creator comes included with 2 demo games - a 2D one, and a 3D one. The Physics demo is an additional game that can be downloaded here.

These games can be played and picked apart once your Inputs and Layers have been defined (see this tutorial). However, each game has it's own set of Managers, which must be loaded in the Editor before they can be played.

The concept of Managers is covered in the next tutorial - for now, just know that each game has it's own set of them. A game only needs one set, regardless of how many scenes it may have.

The Managers for the demo games can be loaded via the top toolbar. To load the 2D demo's Managers, simply choose Adventure Creator -> Getting started -> Load 2D Demo managers.

A message will appear in the Console once the Managers have been successfully loaded, and you can now run the relevent demo scene. The demo scenes are loaded within the Scenes directory of each demo's asset folder.

  • Open Adventure Creator / 2D Demo / Scenes / Park.unity to play the 2D demo.
  • Open Adventure Creator / 3D Demo / Scenes / Basement.unity to play the 3D demo.

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