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Sprites masks issue

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I am doing 2.5 game. But I am having some issues. First it is the matte shadows, used material work on the tutorial, but not on my file. When I transfer the object with the shader from my scene to the tutorial scene it works well, but not the other way around. However I did manage to find an alternative material. But now I am having issues with the sprites. Actually two. Sprites facing the camera, are not in the same orientation in 3d world, as rendered 3d objects. This should lead to some strange covering (of the character) on certain ares of the scene, but it didn't work. My sprite do not cover the character at all. So I decided to remove it, and try with 3d object. This is doing the job, but the material looks different from the background, even that I am using the same texture as the one in background. Please advice how to approach to get it working right.

This shows my best sprite set up, the red areas shows where the character should be wrongly covered:

These two images shows my sprite with the inspector:


  • OK this is for trash. I have made a small mess with the cameras, and problem seems to be coming from this. Also my approach was not correct, I need to make separate sprites, for different levels in regard of distance from the camera. I think that I have figured it out now.

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