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Multiple hotspot texture in scene?

Hi! There's any kind of way that show multiple hotspots that can show multiple directions in scene at the same time? For example. When you hover above the right side of the screen a right arrow will show up. The same if you hover the mouse on a left side, or up side and so on.The idea is that the player can control the way he navigate trought scenes by clicking those hotspots. Like the 90's adventure games :smile:



  • I'm not quit sure how you mean "multiple" here, as each Hotspot would show its own single arrow icon. If you'd like to share screenshots, that may help clear things up if the below doesn't help:

    There's a couple of ways you can do what you describe. If your Settings Manager's Interaction method is set to Context Sensitive, then you can have the mouse change to the Hotspot Use interaction's icon when hovering over it. You can then create each arrow as an icon in the Cursor Manager, and select that as the Icon type in the Hotspot's Inspector.

    If you're using a different Interaction method, you can enforce a "Context Sensitive" mode per-Hotspot by checking Single 'Use' interaction in any Hotspot Inspector. That will make it behave like the above, while still allowing other Hotspots to be interacted with in your chosen way. The 2D Demo does this for the left and right edges of its scene.

    The other way to do this would be to create a Menu for each edge of the screen, and place in a Button element that spans that edge. If you check Change cursor when over? in a Button's properties, you can again select an icon in the Cursor Manager to set the cursor to when it hovers over it.

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    Hello Chris! Thanks for answering. Yes, i'm working under the Context Sensitive interaction method. And that's how i've been doing so far.
    Each scene are represented by a rendered video on to a texture.

    An example of above: The Scene 1 have a hotspot that let the player to move to the right. So in to the hotspot inspector, under "User interactions" -> "Cursor/icon" i chose my new interaction icon "Right". But it's not working. Or it's not the proper way to doing it?


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    Solved. Hadn't activated the ** Change cursor based on interaction? ** Thanks! :)

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