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  • lahcen
    hallo i would like to know if there is a tutorial about point and click escape game with some puzzles like puting code of numers or letters to open a door and so on like these 
    i will be very thankfull if someone can make a tuto about that 
    June 2017
  • Mehrdad
    Hi Chris

    Finally I bought it now  by third party for me :D

    Thanks so much for aware me sale . 44% was great!!!!

    I'm appreciate for your great asset and hard works .I'm going to make only 2D adventure games .

    Best Regards
    August 2016
  • jubileesw
    Hello! This toolset looks amazing!  I am considering it for an upcoming project, but need some answers I could not find in the technical Q&A to determine how appropriate AC is for side-scroller type games (I saw a couple mentions of side-scroller development, so am thinking at least some have tried). Hoping you can help without spending any serious amount of time.

    I'd like to know if there is some built-in mechanism for auto-generating scenes that scroll past, or if AC integrates with third party packages that do sort of thing. Also, are there any AC examples or demos illustrating techniques common to side-scrollers?

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, and thanks in advance!
    October 2015
  • deroesi
    here is the modified Brain2D with the NPC script... I just dropped him in a 3d scene, and ran with my character in front of him... the sprite didn't align/rotate with the main camera.....

    thanks for looking into it!
    September 2015
  • dna78


    i am sorry.It was a dumb question.I just needed a texture creator.I don't have nobody to ask besides google so it can be that sometimes my questions are trivial.


    February 2015
  • zojoi

    I recently picked up Adventure Creator as a way to create additional adventure games for our portfolio. I have looked but can't seem to find any games that have been commercially released using the engine. Are you aware of any? I'd like to get an idea of fps on phones, etc.

    Thanks man,

    Dave Marsh
    December 2014
  • patelbros
    Hello SIr,
    Thank you for making such a great tool for us noobs. I really hope that your asset would really help me in my development cycle.
    Thanking you
    Prashant Patel
    September 2014

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