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Version 1.74 - Improved third-person and quality-of-life improvements

The long wait is over! Many thanks for everybody's patience. This new release's focus is on some much-needed bugfixing and QOL improvements, but there are still some new things of note:

New downloads

The changes made to this release allow for some new packages over on the Downloads page:

The Chamber

A not-so-subtle nod to a certain series of mobile puzzles games, this new demo game shows how AC can be used to make a first-person puzzle game with an emphasis on draggable objects / physical interactions.

Puzzle examples

Aimed primarily for new users, this package features a series of simple example scenes that show off a variety of puzzles types, from lock-and-key interactions to combination puzzles.

Updated third-person camera

The "Advanced Third Person" Download package now replaces the built-in GameCamera Third-person, bringing smoother movement and more options for games that rely on a more modern third-person camera.

Assembly definition

AC's Editor scripts are now wrapped around "#if UNITY_EDITOR" checks, meaning it's now possible to rely on a single .asmdef file for the whole AC package. Add the "AC" namespace and a Timeline dependency, and this'll help speed up script compilation times if your project involves custom scripting or other code-based assets.

Installation flexibility

You can now specify AC's installation path in the AC section of Project settings. Coupled with the above, this now makes it possible to convert AC into a package, so long as you set the installation path to "Packages/your-package-name".

Link Variable To Animator

This is a script that's been on the wiki for a while, but it's usefulness warrents inclusion in the official release. Attach this to a Variables component to sync a variable's value to an Animator parameter.



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    Full release notes as follows:

    Upgrade notes

    • The GameCamera Third Person component has been updated - existing projects that make use of this will need to check this camera's settings
    • Save games made while the Settings Manager's "Reference scenes by" field is set to "Name" are incompatible with this update
    • The scale of the Settings Manager's "Max free-aim speed" value, used in First Person games, has been lowered
    • The minimum-required Unity version is now 2018.4


    • Added: Improved Third Person camera, including zooming options, target movement influence options
    • Changed: The scale of the Settings Manager's "Max free-aim speed" value, used in First Person games, has been lowered
    • Fixed: First person free-aim input not being framerate-independent


    • Added: Addressable support for individual Player speech audio for games with multiple Player characters
    • Added: Addressable support for translated speech audio
    • Added: Option for the "Dialogue: Wait for speech" to wait for speech of any type
    • Changed: If no speaker if assigned in the "Dialogue: Wait for speech" Action, it will wait while narration is being played


    • Added: Option to include Elements when filtering Menus by name in the Menu Manager
    • Added: Option to use TextMeshPro's Typewriter effect for scrolling speech text
    • Fixed: Game not pausing if a Menu that is set to pause the game is enabled when the game begins
    • Fixed: Button menu elements set to "Offset Element Slot" sometimes not appearing after loading a save game
    • Fixed: The "Menu: Select" Action's "Select first-visible?" option only working for Unity UI menus
    • Fixed: InventoryBox elements not previewing the maximum number of slots if it exceeds the number of items defined in the Inventory Manager
    • Fixed: AC Menu elements sometimes being selected without clicking while previewing in the Game window
    • Fixed: Issue when creating Menu Elements if there is a conflict in class names
    • Fixed: Cycle menu element choice labels being linked to copies when copy/pasted in the Menu Manager
    • Fixed: Issues with inconsistent AC Menu element hover sounds and click behaviour
    • Fixed: AC menus being clickable when underneath other AC menus


    • Added: Ability to set a custom installation directory in Unity's Player settings
    • Added: Wrapped Editor scripts around UNITY_EDITOR symbols to aid custom Assembly Definition assets
    • Added: All Editor windows now support docking and resizing
    • Fixed: "Find references" Editor operation not working for Menu Elements
    • Fixed: New Game Wizard hanging indefinitely if the default Actions folder cannot be found
    • Fixed: Errors when using the Constant ID component's "Find global references" feature


    • Added: Ability to mark Actions as the default for their category
    • Fixed: Newly-created Actions Managers using the default Actions folder as a custom Actions folder
    • Fixed: Action connections not being retained after copy/pasting multiple Actions together in the ActionList Editor window
    • Fixed: Error when a scene's OnStart cutscene's first Action is to preload another scene


    • Added: Players can now jump if using a Character Controller
    • Added: "Simulated mass" field for characters that use a Character Controller component


    • Added: "Link Variable to Animator" component - use to automatically sync a Component variable's value to an Animator parameter
    • Added: Ability to define Unity Object Variables


    • Added: Ability to assign an AudioClip to a Track region that plays when a Draggable enters it
    • Added: Ability to define a minimum and maximum distance for PickUps to keep from the camera when initially held
    • Added: Ability to set the maximum angular velocity of PickUps
    • Fixed: PickUp Rigidbody constraints being manipulated when rotating even if "Auto-set RB constraints?" is unchecked
    • Fixed: Draggable objects being interactive if an attached Hotspot with an enabled interaction is clicked
    • Fixed: Various issues related to PickUp physics


    • Added: "Player: Lock to Path" Action - use to constrain a Direct-controlled Player's movement to a Path during gameplay
    • Fixed: Players constrained to a Path during gameplay not respecting the Path's Loop state
    • Fixed: Issues with saving a Player's state when constrained to a Path during gameplay

    Save system

    • Changed: The default iSaveFileHandler and iFileFormatHandler classes now use virtual functions, to aid custom subclassing
    • Fixed: Scenes loaded using the Addressables system not having their data recorded correctly in save-game files
    • Fixed: Loading a save-game sometimes resulting in an indefinite "Paused" state if Unity UI In Scene-based Menus are present
    • Fixed: The "Save: Save or load" Action sometimes running indefinitely if used to load a save that does not exist
    • Fixed: The "Save: Save or load" Action's "Continue From Last Save" operation loading the wrong file if the last-recorded save was deleted
    • Fixed: Error when autosaving when a scene begins while threaded saving is enabled
    • Fixed: Compilation error when using the Json save file format on the Switch platform
    • Fixed: WebGL save system not defaulting to PlayerPrefs


    • Added: Ability for the "Inventory: Check" Action to check if a given Inventory Item is held by any Player, if Player-switching is enabled
    • Fixed: The "Inventory: Check" Action returning the wrong result when using it to check the number of items held in a given category by a specific Player
    • Fixed: "Close Interaction menus even if Interaction doesn't block gameplay?" option not being respected by Interaction menus displayed for Inventory items
    • Fixed: The "Container: Open" Action's "Open in set element?" option not working if the Menu involved is already turned on
    • Fixed: Inventory Items sometimes displaying the wrong label if it has not been gathered while a translation is active


    • Added: Experimental option to register clicks when releasing a touch when in touch-screen games that drag the cursor
    • Added: Ability to override the software cursor's position when locked
    • Added: Virtual function to PlayerCursor to check if the cursor is currently in "walk mode"


    • Added: Ability for Parallax 2D components to react to a specified Transform
    • Added: Ability to override moveable object drag vectors through custom scripting
    • Added: The "Engine: Play movie clip" Action is now compatible with the Switch platform
    • Added: The "Scene: Check" Action now returns True when checking if the Previous scene name is empty, while in the first scene
    • Fixed: The Document class's GetPageText function returning an empty string if the page index is zero
    • Fixed: "Dialogue: Start conversation" Action's "Wait until finish?" option not being respected if the Conversation is ended due to no dialogue options being available
    • Fixed: "Engine: Control Timeline" Action ending prematurely if the application's focus is lost, or the game is paused in the Editor
    • Fixed: Sounds sometimes not playing at the correct relative volume for the first frame
  • Thanks for another good release Chris. Looking forward to checking out the new demos too.

  • Thanks Chris for this update, lots of new stuff.
    One question regarding this update:
    I have unity 2020.1.10f1 and have updated Adventure Creator from version 1.73.6 to this 1.74.
    I've been experiencing this problem, scenes that start with an Animated Camera, crash on startup reporting that the "animated Camera" doesn't have the "Animation" component, even though it is there.
    I noticed that to solve the problem I have to insert in the Scene menu of Adventure Creator that camera as default and the scene starts normally.
    Was I wrong to keep another camera as the default camera in scenes that start with an animated camera?
    Because up to version 1.73.6 it worked anyway.
    Thanks for your support and excuse my English.

  • @lametta: Open up GameCameraAnimated, and paste in the following into line 89 (the top of the PlayClip function):

    if (_animation == null) _animation = GetComponent <Animation> ();

    Does that resolve it? If no, please post a new thread with details of the error message in full.

  • No, it does not work,
    now launching the scene, I get more errors inherent in all the animated cameras in the scene.

  • Details in a new thread then, please.

  • Done, if you need anything else I am at your disposal

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    Added: Players can now jump if using a Character Controller

    Does this completely remove the need for the CCJump script?

  • edited September 2021

    AC menus being clickable when underneath other AC menus

    Chris, this ended up breaking a lot of menu interactions I was relying on (like pairing two AC menus whose animations looked like a desk's drawer being pulled open). Is there a way to turn this fix off, perhaps with a script?

    Edit: never mind, found an easy way around it.

  • Does this completely remove the need for the CCJump script?

    It does, yes.

  • The "Advanced Third Person" Download package seems to be missing the downloads section now?

  • The "Advanced Third Person" Download package seems to be missing the downloads section now?

    This version sees it replace the GameCamera Third Person, so the download has been removed. Existing projects that make use of it should be unaffected, however.

  • Quick question, where is the setting for the new default actions feature? I can't find it anywhere.

  • Select an Action type in the Actions Manager and click the cog icon to the right.

  • Version 1.74.1:

    • Added: "Unity UI" option for Cursor rendering
    • Added: Ability to prevent DialogList elements from limiting the maximum scroll amount
    • Added: Ability to get a Speech class's original text, without stripping tokens or tags
    • Added: Ability to disable free-aiming when holding PickUps, independently of Draggables
    • Added: Ability to override a character's assigned Transform through script
    • Added: Ability to override a held PickUp object's target position through script
    • Changed: If the Editor is currently in Prefab mode, new prefabs from AC's Scene Manager will be added to the prefab being edited
    • Fixed: Remember Container component not loading correctly if the saved Container has no items
    • Fixed: Error when a GameCamera Animated is used as the scene's default camera
    • Fixed: Speech playing scroll audio if it begins with a "wait" token
    • Fixed: Glitched movement when manipulating draggables along tracks that use "Cursor Position" input
    • Fixed: Speech Manager sometimes hiding some options inappropriately
    • Fixed: PickUps not having their gravity disabled when held in v1.74.0
    • Fixed: "Auto-add Save components to GameObjects" button not re-opening the original scene after completion
    • Fixed: Jumping issue with Players that use a Character Controller
  • Version 1.74.2:

    • Added: Option to display dialogue option prefix numbers in the order they are displayed, as opposed to the order they appear globally
    • Added: Ability to get an Output Crafting element's active recipe via script
    • Added: Ability to disable the default click behaviour for "Output" Crafting elements
    • Changed: When running dialogue options with number keys, the numbers now correspond to the order in which they appear in a Menu
    • Changed: The DialogList element's "Prefix with index numbers?" checkbox has been replaced with an "Index prefix display" popup field
    • Fixed: Issues with Player movement related to the Hotspot's "Proximity" setting
    • Fixed: "Scene: Switch" Action not ending its ActionList under certain conditions
    • Fixed: Crafting elements that rely on RawImage components not displaying correctly when empty
    • Fixed: Performance issue when running AC scenes in the Editor
  • Is it normal if in the AC menu in Unity it says version 1.73.8, but when I go to the package manager menu under 'my assets' it shows version 1.74.2?

    I know that the way packages are handled in Unity changed with the store moving out of the editor, so not sure if I set something up incorrectly.

    Is Adventure Creator supposed to show up under 'in project' in the package manager window? Or is 'my assets' fine?

    Not sure how to make the version numbers sync up.

  • The Package Manager has had an issue related to the wrong versions being displayed for assets. It may be related to your Unity version, but deleting the Asset Store cache folder should remedy it.

    See this thread for details.

  • edited October 2021

    Thanks Chris, looks like importing again also fixed it.

    Was also curious, what are the advantages of converting AC to a package?

    Installation flexibility

    You can now specify AC's installation path in the AC section of Project settings. Coupled with the above, this now makes it possible to convert AC into a package, so long as you set the installation path to "Packages/your-package-name".

  • It was a requested feature.

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