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Newb intro

I write/direct/produce films and have been wanting to get into game development for a long time now, particularly adventure games. I'm in the process of developing two concepts. I keep returning to the notion of a 2D point-and-click adventure game. I was curious if 2D games are still in style or 3D is the way to go? Thanks.


  • My personal opinion: If you can do 3D modeling yourself then go the 3D route and use a toon shader for the comic look. It is in my opinion easier, faster, more versatile, and much cheaper to create a 3D game than doing a 2D game.

    If you can draw really well then go the 2d route and use tools like spine or unity to animate your 2d sprites.

    If you can't draw and you can't create 3d models then start with 3d as it is faster to learn than learning to draw. Simply buy some 3d base models and start editing them. That is how I started just 3 months ago.

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