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Running a cutscene based on the player’s actual local date


I am creating a game for mobile and wonder if there is a simple way to get the player‘s local calendar date whenever he launches the game app, write it to a global var and then run a cutscene depending on its value — just like in an online Christmas calendar that has only one specific door activated every day.

Thank you.


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    Getting the current time/date involves accessing System.DateTime.Now and choosing an appropriate format. You can then update an AC Global String variable with the returned value.

    For example:

    public void DayToVariable ()
        string day = System.DateTime.Now.ToString("MM/dd");
        AC.GVar dateVar = AC.GlobalVariables.GetVariable ("Date");
        dateVar.TextValue = day;

    Calling that function will update a String variable named "Date" of the form MM/dd, so e.g. "12/25" would be Christmas Day.

  • Cool, Chris — thank you!

  • A typo in the code snippet - fixed.

  • There is one more thing, though — obviously, there is a before and an after to that calendar timespan, meaning I would have to make a mathematical comparison to the acquired current date: if before 12/01, run this cutscene, if after 12/25, run that cutscene (and of course I would have to capture the year as well, like 20/12/25)

    So I guess, I should use System.DateTime.Now.ToOADate instead and save that value in an AC global float var?

  • That function returns a double, but if you're not interested in the time of day you could probably convert it to an integer.

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    I ended up grabbing the date ToString("yyyyMMdd"), successfully "TryParsed" that to an integer and saved in to an AC Global Interger variable.

    One more thing, Chris – what would be the smartest way to make sure that script gets called on every app start? Right now I have it on an empty game object in a scene which I plan to make the starting scene. Is there a better way?

  • Well, there's nothing wrong with that approach.

    An alternative would be to assign an ActionList asset in your Settings Manager that runs when the game begins - regardless of what your starting scene is. That list could then contain an Object: Call event Action that runs the function in your script (placed on a prefab).

  • Thanks, Chris!

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