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Red Errors After AC Update

Hi Chris. I've moved my topic from Official News to here.

To resume from that conversation:

I've tagged the default scene AC camera as MainCamera. During runtime the camera on my UFPS player prefab, loaded via AC, takes over as the AC camera. This player camera is also tagged as MainCamera.

I have updated AC to 1.72 from 1.71.8

I'll try running a blank scene without UFPS as the player controller.


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    It appears as though I've resolved the issue.

    It turns out that deleting an AC script (Game Camera) on the UFPS camera eliminated the red errors. I kept it disabled by default and I used the Follow Cursor feature for some UI moments. Deleting this component from the prefab, rather than simply disabling it, was the required action to eliminate the errors.

    Movement now seems to be back to normal.

    This seems to be good enough for me and this topic is resolved. Thanks for your patience.

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