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Episodic Adventure

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Hi everybody,

I am working on a new episodic adventure based on Adventure Creator and currently writing the storyline incl. puzzles, characters, etc. for the “pilot”. It will have about 1-2h of gameplay. I had this idea in my mind for quite some time now and I am even thinking about launching a kickstarter/indiegogo campaign when the time is right.

Although I have worked with Unity3d on apps and games in the past and Adventure Creator is pretty simple to use, I am unfortunately lacking some crucial skills to create a “full” game myself and thought this could be the right place to ask for help. A friend of mine is specialized in 3D-modelling and animation and already offered his help.So right now I am in need for a coder/developer and a designer who can work on the graphics/storyboard, etc. I have a style in my mind but I need somebody to work it out with in detail. Of course there is more than that to a game (music, sounds, etc.) – this parts will be taken care of at a later stage since I have a lot of contacts who work in that field as well.

So, if there is anybody out there interested in teaming up and working on an awesome adventure let me know – any help is appreciated!

Best Regards


  • yoho fellow Pirate !

    we should get in contact .. i am offering my skills to you , as a game/Level designer .. artworker and of course ..a visionaire - contact me please .. we should at least talk this over,


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