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Steamworks question UK


I'm about to put my game on Steam.

Do I have to be registered Sole-Trader with the UK GOV to submit my game?



  • Just for people that might be searching.

    "Yes, you need to be a company or a sole trader as you’ll need to declare your income. You’ll also want to make sure that you can register for the US tax treaty so you don’t pay a huge withholding tax (steam makes with easy if you follow the tax registration links)."

  • Whenever I looked into this in the past, I came out of it somehow thinking you don't need to be registered as a sole trader or anything like that (I'm also in the UK). It's surprising how hard it is to find concrete answers on this stuff.

    Could you link to where you found this info please @mnorm ?

  • edited October 2020

    Hi, it was an answer i got from a chap on Reddit


  • Okay, thank you

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