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Arcanbreak - A Story-driven Adventure

edited October 2020 in Games showcase

A short story-driven game about two inquisitors, Arun and Quila, investigating a murder. During the game you'll control both, each having their own set of skills you'll need to solve the mystery.

Inquisitor Arun. His skill set includes herbalism, necropsy, enduring odors, and high perception.

Inquisitor Quila. Her skill set includes lockpicking, sneaking, and her small frame which allows her to squeeze into tight spaces.

Point & click to interact with your surroundings

Interesting environments to explore

Crafting alchemical substances

Beautiful pixel art graphics

Engaging story & dialogue

All found clues will be added to the notes

Collectible lore books and recipes

Two different paths to the end

Beautifully crafted UI elements

Particle effects and LWRP Lighting to bring life to the world.

A smart cursor changes to reflect the currently controlled character.


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