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Strømhåll: Noël 2020 – A logical Christmas Calendar released!

Thanks to AC, I was able make something that I've thought would be impossible for me a couple of years ago (I am a filmmaker and director, not a programmer) – let alone sell it to other people, which is what I've been doing for two weeks now. I'll say more about that in another post, so here is just the result in case anyone wants to to try it:

While it's technically not (yet) an adventure, but just a completely-new-type-of-puzzle-example-excerpt-proof-of-concept for one coming up in 2021, it makes heavy, actually heaviest use of Chris Burton's invaluable asset. If you want to see it in action instead of playing it yourself, some nice person has already created a let's play video of its first two levels:

So in case you're going to try it: have a logical Christmas 2020, everyone!

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