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Knight Night - Medieval Comedy Adventure

Hi everyone.

Thanks to Chris' excellent asset and superb documentation / tutorials / forum,
I've been able to create my very first (mini) adventure game.

Hope you like it!

Free to play on:

Happy new-year,


  • edited October 2021

    Hi all,

    Ready for more medieval mayhem?
    Then check out Chapter 2, still free to play on above link.


    • second chapter, hooray!
    • more rooms, people, animals to discover!
    • unlock each chapter sequentially (chapters are 15-20m)
    • unlocked chapters are auto-saved
    • new Inventory and Menu interface
    • cursors now highlight when items can be used
    • Quest & Trophy menus, so you know what to look for
    • overall lighting, sprite and animation improvements

    Best regards,

  • Hi everyone,

    Ready for the glorious conclusion to this silly medieval adventure?
    Check out the festivities in Fiesta Fair, third and final chapter of the free to play Knight Night saga:

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