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Mimi and Lisa: Adventure Game for Children (Android)

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Hello AC friends :smiley:
this is not the type of game you see here very often.
I am proud to announce that we have released a short adventure game for children aged 4 - 7. Our playtesters loved it and if you have/know children of this age, they will too. :smile:

The game is part of Mimi and Lisa franchise which is quite popular among children here in Central Europe.

What's in the game:
1. Three levels with a simple puzzle at the end
2. Beautiful graphics with assets originating in the TV series
3. Music and SFX created and mixed by professionals

We haven't localized the store listing and pause menu yet but the game itself is completely language-independent.

There are no ads or in-app purchases. The game was created by team of 7 people via the Butterfly Effect Games lab - a 5-month training program.




I have to thank @ChrisIceBox as he was very helpful and responsive in the forums. AC is an amazing tool which enabled 3 programmers with no previous Unity experience to pull this off with grace. ;) We created a lot of custom actions, the sound setup was especially tricky and I'm really happy with how the game turned out in the end.

There is a WebGL version available if you don't have Android.


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