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Sorting layers across scenes.

I am making a project where a character goes do different locations/scenes.
Currently I have set up the 1st scene and created sorting layers for lights etc.
Now i am setting up another scene (new scene in unity), and setting up light for that scene.
I can see that I still have the old sorting layers in my light sorting layer menu. They are all named as to making sense in the 1st scene, but dont really make sense in the 2nd scene.
Is there a way to have new sorting layers or is there a smarter way to do this?

Thanks a lot:)


  • Sorting layers are configured per project, not scene. I generally give them generic names (e.g. background far, background near, middleground, foreground, etc) and use them in all scenes. But if you really want to use more specific names, I don't think there's anything stopping you from using sorting layers 1 to 10 in scene #1, 11 to 20 in scene #2, etc. I reckon you can have however many sorting layers you need, unlike layers, which are limited to 32.

    Having that many sorting layers sounds a bit confusing, though. I'd rather have a more generic naming convention.

  • Ok, makes sense. Will do that from now on.

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