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Wormwood Studios - Recruiting for Trenchmouth

edited January 2022 in Games showcase

May I present to you, Trenchmouth - the follow up to Primordia. A classic throwback style P&C set in a world populated for the most part by machines. Unlike Primordia though this game would draw a bit more influence from the real world, the setting is in essence an alternate version of WW1, a first world war that has raged on so long as to be almost now a living world of war. Machines live in No Mans Land and scrape out an existence on the constant, dreary battlescape. Then the plot comes in - but I won't spoil that yet.

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So we're thinking about building this in AC - I've been tinkering around myself but I'm better at art, sound and design than scripting editors etc so we're putting a call out for people familiar with Unity and AC to become partners in this project.

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