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Resolution Script

Hello, I followed the resolution tutorial and I got no error so far but when I build and try it. The game only changes 1 time the resolution an then it stays on that. I reopen game and try to change but its still on 640x480. What could be wrong? Here the Script and screenshots

* Adventure Creator
* by Chris Burton, 2013-2021
* "ActionApplyResolution.cs"
* This is a blank action template.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;


using UnityEditor;


namespace AC

public class ActionApplyResolution : Action

    // Declare properties here
    public override ActionCategory Category { get { return ActionCategory.Engine; }}
    public override string Title { get { return "Apply Resolution"; }}
    public override string Description { get { return "Change the Screen Resolution."; }}

    // Declare variables here

    override public float Run()
        int chosenIndex = GlobalVariables.GetIntegerValue(3); // Replace '0' with your own variable's ID number
        if (chosenIndex >= 0)
            Resolution chosenResolution = Screen.resolutions[chosenIndex];

            Screen.SetResolution(chosenResolution.width, chosenResolution.height, Screen.fullScreen);
        return 0f;

    public override void Skip ()
         * This function is called when the Action is skipped, as a
         * result of the player invoking the "EndCutscene" input.
         * It should perform the instructions of the Action instantly -
         * regardless of whether or not the Action itself has been run
         * normally yet.  If this method is left blank, then skipping
         * the Action will have no effect.  If this method is removed,
         * or if the Run() method call is left below, then skipping the
         * Action will cause it to run itself as normal.

         Run ();


    public override void ShowGUI ()
        // Action-specific Inspector GUI code here

    public override string SetLabel ()
        // (Optional) Return a string used to describe the specific action's job.

        return string.Empty;





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