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Dr. Acula - a solo project

Hi Gang,

A bunch of us made a game for Global Game Jam 2022. The theme was "duality" and we came up with a game the most famous vampire is mistaken for a doctor and sent to the trenches. There, Dr. Acula would be challenged with keeping the soldiers healthy enough to fight in the day, while snacking on them to increase his powers for night time fights. It was kinda tower defensy, kinda run around and we didn't quite nail the execution but the concept made us laugh the whole weekend.

Fast forward and I took the concept to a point and click game to brush up on basic animation and voice over implementation. Compared to my previous Adventure Creator games, I also wanted to firm up the interface and make a game with more inventory-based puzzles. Here are the stats.

  • All game made in 133.5 hours according to my calendar. But there was slacking...
  • All art is pretty much first draft and pieces took less than 10 minutes each.
  • All voice overs are pretty much first take and my throat is sore now.
  • All music, SFX, and fonts are creative commons.
  • I would love honest feedback! What did you think sucked?

Without further ado, may I present, Dr. Acula!

Take care,

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