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Who can help me prototype my game for $500 ?

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a freelance game designer to help me create a template/prototype for an point and click style adventure game in the story telling style of Lucas Art games (Think Monkey Island , Blade Runner etc.)

As it's a prototype I need a limited scene that allows me to expand on myself using AC. With a successful prototype I can increase the scope and funding further as well.

The Scene in question

  • Requires a cut scene style with text and animations
  • Requires item to be added to inventory
  • Item needs to be clicked (Phone)
  • Hotspot needs to be clicked (Getting dressed)
  • Item from inventory needs to be dragged/selected and clicked on NPC

Dialogue system is similar to Gabriel knights/portrait based system used for the speaking parts between main character and NPCs but I'm open for suggestions.

I've written about 50 pages of the story now, 15 pages can be found here with comments on how I believe the scene can work out in game form with only the 1st scene (Massage scene) needed for the prototype. I can share the rest of the story on request as well but keep in mind it's in draft so probably full of spelling errors :blush:

Thank you!


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