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"Within" - First-person, narrative-driven, supernatural horror


We've just launched "Within", now our third horror game built on AdventureCreator.

"... a well-crafted little horror game with an interesting story and some great scares. The voicework and visual design are particularly impressive." -


When the protagonist of the game, Maya, gets a disturbing phone call from her estranged younger brother Nikil ("Nik"), it sets in motion a series of horrific events that stirs the past and threatens to destroy all she holds dear.


Within is a short (30-45 mins) experience and heavily uses Adventure Creator to tell its story. It is fully voice-acted with simple point-and-click gameplay.

How we used AC

Special thanks to Richard for crafting such an incredible tool (AC has now become the foundation of the way we tell stories). Unlike our last game, Decrypt, where we did a lot of custom code and actions, we decided to use vanilla AC all the way in "Within". We're also using the default First Person prefab available on AC.


Yep, like all our games, Within is donationware. Feel free to take it for a spin. ![]


  • It's impressive how many things have improved since the last game, it looks really great and the Game within a Game (and the meta player logs) was well done.

  • Thank you for your kind words :smile: Lot of the credit goes to AC. It's become second nature to us now that this is the third game, and it's just faster to experiment with stuff or try out ideas.

  • I'm still learning and thrilled to see what can be accomplished with AC, how does the game within a game work?
    Is it just using a close-up hotspot and opens a "Computer" Menu, and switches to another player Character/Level when loading the scene?
    I also liked the errors when trying to start the game up :)

  • Hi Snan, I'm happy to share how we did the game within a game.

    The game within a game is just another Level. In that level, we run some postprocessing effects on the camera and attach a couple of scripts to the MainCamera to achieve the pixelation/old-school look. (We use this camera script addon. Highly recommended, very performant, and offers excellent camera effects).
    To make it look like a game within a game, we have an AC menu with the monitor border :smile: It's a simple trick. And then we use AC's super cool feature of "Overlay current screen during switch," which makes it looks like we're still zoomed into the monitor.
    The error pop-up is again just an AC menu, which we turn on using the standard AC turn-on menu action. To randomly turn it on, we use the Variable "Check Random" action.

    All of it is just vanilla AC. We don't even use Unity UIs. Using ACs Menus out of the box is so much simpler.

  • I didn't even think about the overlay feature, that is such a cool use of the Menus, very creative :)

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