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For Evelyn II - Shards of Creation | Demo

For Evelyn II is a game that I started making around a year ago. The demo is now out and I'm going to be working on the full game for the coming year full-time. I would like to hear feedback from fellow gamedevs using Adventure Creator. Many thanks to Chris for helping along the way.

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For Evelyn II continues the story several months after the first game's events. War has broken out all across Aura and The Watcher Order has gathered in the safety of Whitescar Castle. Blood magic runs rampant and something stirs in the shadows. The Watchers alone stand as a beacon of hope and safety amidst the chaos. This era is closing, and how the future unfolds is up to you.

  • The game will bring a unique twist in its graphical style, mixing both 2D and 3D assets in a way that it will all blend together nicely.
  • A game world created with care, with each and every object individually hand placed to show special detail.
  • Doing objectives will increase The Order's effectiveness and unlock more areas to explore, which is required to advance the story.
  • Story-driven game with voiced cutscenes
  • Classic adventuring and exploration
  • RPG Elements, leveling, training your abilities, etc.
  • Meaningful choices in dialogue
  • Retro pixel art graphics

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