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Disable a menu element button while keeping it visible

I'm currently working on a checklist that's built with a unity UI prefab linked to the AC menu system. The list is a series of buttons that each displays as the name of the task. The goal is to be able to click the task to cross it off, which would disable interactivity but still show the crossed off task.

I've been able to add the "cross out" image over the button text with an actionlist, but is there any way to disable the button from the actionlist as well? The closest thing I could find is Hide Menu Element, but that's not what I want because I'd like it to stay visible.

There might be some awkward workarounds with creating a duplicate menu element that looks identical but isn't clickable, then when a task is crossed off the actionlist would hide the working button and show the non-working button in its place. The issue is that there are a ton of tasks, so I was hoping for a simpler solution.

Unfortunately I can't code, so I know my options are limited. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


  • I hope i understood correctly, you are 99% there, and only have to set an option in the Button properties. There is an Option for Buttons to behave like that in the Menu Settings.

    Go to AC Game Editor -> Menu -> Your Menu -> And select your Button.

    Just below where you have set the "Linked Button" is an Option to set what happens, when the Button is invisible. Set "When invisible:" to "Disable Interactivity", instead of "Disable Object".

    And as you have already used it "Hide Menu Element" should give you the desired behaviour, it should still be there, but not interactable.

  • That is absolutely it, thank you so much for your help!!

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