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Level 7 Demo showcase Youtube

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Here is a demo I am making trying to learn AC.

You Tube Video

Download Windows Version

Download OSX Version

In this version the Quit option is not working yet. Close the program with some other way :)





  • I cannot understand this demo... I mean, they speak randomly with voices (Tin Pot?), the mouse cursor makes me crazy because it moves too quickly with the cam, so I cannot select the hotspots without lose my patience... Lol, you have to fix it a little I think.
    The graphs looks cool and I like the subtitles style. 

  • Its not meant to make sense, I think he was just putting together a quick demo of the features of AC, not really prototyping anything real. 

    Good work on it, how did you make the icons for talk and stuff show up when you clicked the person or robot?
  • Exactly that beowulfkaine.
    I did the icons on photoshop and their size set in AC
    This demo is just to test all the features and issues of making a full game with a specific plot
  • It looks good, could you put a downloadable demo on dropbox please?
  • Updated to dropbox working download links for Windows and OSX cause  the game is missing a lot in the web version. Hope you like it.
  • Thanks
    Close the program with some other way

    Alt-F4 or ctrl-alt-delete :--}
  • edited April 2014
    i just copied the link as it says on the share folder of dropbox but the link of http:// was not overwritten. Now links are fine

  • Nice! Is the Level 7 title a reference to the sci fi book by Mordecai Roshwald? 

  • @SterlingDee no it is not it is a meant to be a sci-fi thriller upon the spaceship Pytheas.
  • I've uploaded a working demo on youtube for people who don't want to download the game.
  • How did you make the robot voices?
  • Oops, wrong game
  • it shows great potential. reminds me a bit of in cold blood. 
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