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AC plays the speech file of its demo instead of the ones I want for my project

edited April 2014 in Engine development
I am making a project with AC and just to test the speech system I used 2 speech mp3 files. On run when these speech files should be playing I listen to the respective speech sounds of the AC Demo.

I have all the managers turned to my current project, and I checked the speech script created by AC for my project and I have noticed that my Player01 and Player13 are not playing instead I listen to the files of the AC basement demo.

I suspect it has to do with some manager mixing up the data but not sure.

When i totally delete the demo files of the AC then it plays correctly, but when I do that I loose the settings of my menus even though I have set my menu manager.


  • Try to only delete the resources\speech files in the demo folder, the mp3.
  • yes that should do it, but i was wondering what is it reading and it's getting confused.
  • Yes right, also in my project sometimes the Player speak with Tin Pot's voice, because it get the ones in the demo folder... I didn't make my mp3 files anymore.
  • did you check my demo on showcase? it now works

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