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How about an Examine Interaction?

To click on an object in order to examine it. Have the object presented in front of you with detail and a text and/or speech to describe it ?


  • I would also like to know how to do that - like the recipe in monkey island 2. If you examine the item it will be displayed full screen and Guybrush would read it out loudly...
  • Is this not possible via a cut-scene camera switch? Or, perhaps less useful if load time is a factor, maybe a scene switch?

    I'm all for a method of doing it which is more intended for examine than general cut-scenes like.
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    [This works in 2D functionality and while I haven't tried it, I assume will in 3D with some tweaks]

    I have managed to do this in a cut-scene. It's quite straight forward. I even have about 5 items on a table and each one has a further action hotspot to switch to its own camera.

    At first I thought I was going to need some kind of variable check to see if the user wanted to leave this cut scene but this wasn't needed at all. I guess the cut-scene doesn't have any sort of action and only your 'exit' hotspot will return.

    So the process I used was this:
    1) Place an 'examine' hotspot in your scene wherever you want your 'clue' etc examined from.
    2) Set up an area away from your scene with your examinable object/s
    3) Assign it a camera
    4) Place a return/exit hotspot with some kind of obvious icon. Make this interaction switch camera to your main scene player cam.
    5) Make the examine hotspot in step 1) action a cut-scene which switches to camera assigned in step 3)

    6a) Optional: If you want multiple objects in one examine then set up further camera/hotspots. This only gets as complicated as you want it to. I opted to make each further hotspot turn itself off and turn a 'return' hotspot on so the user merely clicks again to return to the "table" of many examined objects.

    Hope this helps! Ask if I've confused at all.

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