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Game Build 2D - Black Screen / Camera Issues - Mac

Please somebody help me with this.  I've dedicated huge amounts of time in what I hope soon will be a free demo to launch simultaneously with a Kickstarter. 

This is a 2D game, and I've chosen the "top down" Camera Setting. 

I'm trying to put together the first few scenes I have completed.  When I play it in UNITY, it works beautifully. Everything works great.  But when I go to Build the game, and I open the build on my Mac, there are some serious issues.  The game is stretched horizontally, I know this because I can see only the Menu images (Action Keys, Text, Pause Menu, etc.) and they are stretched.  But all the sprites in my "SetGeometry" are gone, or the screen is black.  However you can still see some of those off-screen sprites out of the limits of the camera view.  This shouldn't be the case, but alas, it is.  Check out the Screen Shots.  

What it looks like in UNITY:


What it looks like in the Build:


Here's my main Camera settings:


I started using the "perspective" camera without realizing that for 2D games, Orthographic is recommended.  However, Orthographic doesn't seem to work.  It doesn't scroll with my character at all.  It just stays where it is.  I'm tried making it's limits HUGE, but that didn't work.  

Just for kicks, I made a build with an Orthographic camera on this first scene (scene 0 in Build settings) and I have the same problem as pictured above.   So, I don't think that's the problem. 

What am I not doing?  What am I doing wrong?  Is there a problem with builds on Macs?  I don't have a PC, so I'm testing on my Mac at the moment.  

Is it tagged wrong?  Should I not be using my 2D camera as the Main Camera?  

Thanks to anyone who can help!


  • OK, so this is kind of embarrassing.  But I solved this kind of easily.  I'll write it down just in case anybody else is as unexperienced as me.  

    Here goes:

    In the Project Folder, makes sure all of your sprites are the same "max size".  You can check this in the Inspector.  You have the options "32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096".  

    All of my Sprites were set at 2048.... EXCEPT ONE.  The one on the top most layer in my Set Geometry, which just so happened to be the Black bars on the top and the bottom of my screen as you can see in the first image. 

    I also found out that all my sprites for my Player were set at 1024, and they were just invisible.  So, once I set them to 2048 that solved the issue.  

    Now my build works on my computer and I sent it to my brother and it works on his Mac as well. 

    So, if you are making a 2D game and some sprite and not appearing, make sure to check the "max size", that may be the problem. 

    Also, I am using Perspective Cameras in "Top Down" mode.  I mentioned that I didn't know if this was a problem, but Chris has mentioned that this is in fact how you make a 2D game in "Top Down" mode.  Here is the link -

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