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Medieval Madness Adventure Game

I'm making a game in 5 days with only assets from the asset store (includign Adventure creator) and using Indiegogo to fund raise so i can buy packages.
check it out, it's shaping out really nice!



  • Awesome man! Good to see someone from the Wintermute community. How's the studio going? Lesuire suit larry remake was cool!
  • Hey man!
    It's certainly been a while.

    I didn't actually get to make the LSL remake. was invovled in the demo and the KS campaign and then... well.. :( long story. 

    Also - Remember Pizza Morgana?  I started porting it to AC using the original files from Wintermute and just re-writing stuff. I'm a little stuck and moved on to this project and Bolt Riley!
  • Oh yeah! Loved that game haha

    Bolt Riley is sweet haha

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