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Tex Murphy Overseer - Remake

Hi guys,

here is a small demo of a possible remake from the game series Tex Murphy - "Overseer". It's an FMV-Adventure from 1998. Using Unity, ProBuilder and Adventure Creator.


  • looks good!!
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    The Poisoned Pawn - A Tex Murphy Adventure


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    Alpha Gameplay:

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    Incredibly good graphics, nice! As a one man team realism is a no go for me. Wish I had the resources, skill and time to pull something like that! (Mind you, I do mobile, and dig toony/anime styles anyway, so I'm not too bitter about it, lol) . Anyway, really cool! Hope you can finish the project, it already looks really great!
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    Latest Trailer from early 2017:

  • Very nice! I like the atmosphere and lighting. Good job and keep it up
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    Amazing. Locations are simply great (plus music and voice actors etc, but at least the voice actors must be from the original game I assume?). Anyway, you say you use Probuilder? Could you elaborate? is it just for the prototyping phase or how do you use it in your project? Do you block out the level then export a mesh or do the whole process inside unity? (I've never used it, that's why I ask).
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    Thx guys!

    The fmv you see in this trailer are from the original game from 98, remastered in 720p as we have to deal with the original highly compressed versions unfortunatley. But there will also be new content that will be 4k. So the current timeline in the game will have 4k and the retelling of the original story will have 720p/1080p.

    Yes, i use ProBuilder in this game, from start to beginning. So it's more an iteration process, i start with a basic outline and tweak and rework it through several iterations. So most of the modelling, unwrapping, texturing etc is done in Unity directly, which gives me right away a look and feel, including the lighting.

    The more complex and inventory items are done with 3D Max.

    We also wrote our own framework to enhance Adventure Creator and having for instance a complex door- or light- or examine-item-component,  which gives us a lot of options and makes it easier and more efficent for us.

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