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La confrérie des masques


Here are some pictures of the game in progress "the brotherhood of masks" This project would not have been able to start without "adventure creator" because I'm a game designer.

We are two in the team, I realize all the gameplay / 3D / 2D / Music.
a musician performs the audio tracks.
The elements of the game are made in voxel.
it's the story of an African statue became alive to recover stolen masks.
He will visit three epochs to find them.

The game will be in French, and later in English.
Its release date is scheduled for the end of the year.

more infos here :

hope you like it !








  • Ça a l'air prometteur. J'ai hâte de voir la suite.
    (This looks promising. Can't wait to see more.)
  • merci, content de voir un français ici !
    j'essayerais de poster des vidéos prochainement.

    thank you, happy to see a French here!
    I'll try to post videos soon.
  • edited March 2017
    hello, here is the menu and introduction of "the brotherhood of masks" in french :

  • I love the style of game. Always the french doing realy cool stuff!!!
  • Impressive. The Art and feel is really good. Music is sometimes great sometimes decent. Can't say anything about the writing cause my knowledge of French is limited to only a few words though... The cutscenes and camera changes are really well made too. And I really loved when he pulled out the flashlight too! 

    You should consider trying the free plugins Cinemachine and Steam Audio to make your life easier too (they're great). Cinemachine is a procedural/intelligent camera system and Steam audio is a physics based audio system (like realistic sound propagation, occlusion and reflection), it's pretty easy to use (works just like working with Unity's lights and light probes). It works with any game (some people think it's only for VR but no, works with any game) and doesn't need Steamworks, so it can be used stand alone. Also ignore google's warning you'll get from their website. Somehow the website has been wrongly tagged as fraudulent (people been talking about it in the steam forums), so just ignore the warning. People talk about steam audio in the Unity forums here.

    Anyway, it's looking pretty cool, hope to see more sometime.
  • Thanks for the positive feedbacks!

    I'll look at the free plugins Cinemachine and Steam Audio, they look nice.(
    But it will give me more work!)
    I will create a gameplay video soon, to show more environments and possibilities.
    The game will be translated into English, later
  • beautiful atmosphere! the lighting is so warm and nice. can't wait to play it!
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