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Storing custom text and using it somewhere in the game.

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So we can store character names and even create a cheat sheet! (

Now i'm wondering, can we go a step further. meaning, can we store more than few lines separetly and use them in other parts of the game. 

In example, we got a puzzle in which npc asks as several questions one after another and we want character to write the answer through keyboard. The problem is, we want the game to save the input to that particular question . So its not something random. And want to use that input on some other part of the game (like a outdoor screen or a TV)

So how can we store these inputs? Can we store more than a line in the method mentioned in here ( ?

How can we call for those inputs?

I think this can be achieved if i divide these inputs and call to them individually, but would this be a good method? Does anyone have any suggestions on the matter?

Thank you
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