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Action Adventure


as I learn AC and defined the kind of adventure I want to make, I found I really want to make an "Action Adventure" and I want to make it mainly for iOS platform (and then others like PS4, Android, Mac,Windows,...)

So in order to create it I have some things that I'm falling to make in AC. I want to list here and see if Chris or others can help me or maybe there's some features to add to AC in order to get it:

* I want to "take objects" if my character mover "over" or through the object in the scene (so not click on a hotspot or trigger, just passing over). 

* I want to limit the number of objects I have in inventory to just 4 (I get it working thanks to chris in other thread).

* If I have 4 objects and player find other object in his way, I want the first one "throws away" to the scene so the object in the inventory rotates as a FIFO queue.

(for this 3 points, the player face an object in scene, I'm trying with a HotSpot and and Interaction that runs an ActionSet. The ActionSet has 3 parameters (object in scene, hotspot to deactivate, and inventory object to add).So the Action set should make the following things :
     - Check if there's less than 4 items in inventory
     - if so, remove game object from scene
     - add inventory item to inventory
     - deactivate or remove hotspot.

But this is not working, so I'm a bit confused, since I read almost all manual and see all videos.

Another point about movement:

* Movement will be drag and touch screen. Move in all directions + jump. But there's no JUMP axis when I use touch screen input method. Why this limitation? Could JUMP be available and used through an GUI Button? (something like ocean horn?)

Hope someone could help me with this.

Thanks in advance


PD: I have PlayMaker as well, so If I should use it in combination with AC, I would do it...
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