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Game Prototyping through Animatics

Hey Gang,

Quick question, has anyone ever thought about prototyping their projects through Animatics?

I think it could be a good time-saver for more Telltale like projects, what do you think?



  • Yeah this is common enough from my experience. For our game we did something similar, but my dev partner used Twine with static images.

    Eventually we moved away from this approach since the philosophy of our design went more in the direction of presence in a virtual world. That meant the "plot" the of experience became less important, which is more of what an animatic gives you. But if your game is plot-heavy, like most Telltale experiences, it's helpful.

    Once Director gets released in a future Unity version, that kind of thing will be a lot easier to build.
  • Hello!

    Thanks for the reply! Yes I had assumed this would be useful, especially for planning out cut-scene's.
    I hadnt thought about using twine, that may be useful!

    What is this "Director"? I dont believe I have heard of this yet. Also, how do you think Animatic's would be implemented in current AC? I was thinking of drawing my storyboards, scanning then then use Cutscene's and have the images displayed at set time increments. Thoughts?
  • If you're interested in this, I'd recommend using Cinema Director, which AC has support for. Make cutscenes using that and then use AC for the logic. If you're careful, you could probably separate things correctly where you could later replace the animatic cutscenes with proper in-game ones and you could keep your AC logic mostly the same.
  • Oooh, Cool! I'll try that so!

    I think my friend has Cinema Director, so I might ask him for a copy for testing purposes :D

    Thanks! :D
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