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[Solved]Inventory Item to play a cutscene

edited May 2014 in Engine development
So im making a tutorial where player has to select a item in the inventory. Once its done, inventory actionlist (checking few other variables on the process) enables the game to proceed further (with character is not being held in one place etc). How ever instead of doing all the cutscene actions on the inspector menu, i did all the actions on the cutscene named tutorial in the hiearchy. Now i want to call to this tutorial cutsccene from my inventory actionlist but it requires an ActionList (Id).

I've gone to debug and pasted the cutscenes Instance Id as well as Local Identifier In File to that field but it doesnt work. The scene doesnt proceed nor character talk.

Whops. Sorry.

A closer look at the Manual provided me with answer. For anyone else who had this problem. You need to attach Constand id to the Cutscene and use the number to call it.

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