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[SOLVED] How does Trigger2D work?

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Have anyone managed to get a Trigger2D hotspot to work? Whenever the player walks through it I expect the trigger to fire but nothing happens. I use Polygon Collider pathfinding in Unity 2D mode.


  • Hi @Guran
    I am having the same problem.
    I've already started a discussion about it named Player Trigger Animation
    Hope we can figure it out as soon as possible.

  • Ah, I didnt realize that you were using a Trigger2D object too. I get "normal" triggers to work (by following video tutorial #3) but I'm not successful with the 2D variant. Will post inspector values and hotspot placement when I'm home.
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    Here are screenshots of my problem. I've created a Trigger2D object from the scene manager and placed it above my polygon collider navmesh. I've added a Camera Switch action to the trigger. But when the player walks over the trigger nothing happens.
  • I managed to solve my problem. I hand not updated my player prefab with a Circle Collider 2D, since I created my player when I still worked in the Top Down method. Now the Trigger2D works!
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