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Unity exception : Input axis mouse Y not setup

edited June 2014 in Technical Q&A
The title of this discussion is the error I got once I created a terrain in unity with a "first person controller" in the hierarchy (everything worked fine) then I imported the "Adventure creator" package and without doing anything else suddenly I get that input action not setup error. I figure I have to go into the input manager and define this but no idea how to do that. If anyone can help me get my controls back to normal that would be great. I can move forward backward and left and right fine it's just my mouse look doesn't work at all. 


  • Hi drlemur,

    You can define controls in the input manager by going to Edit->Project Settings->Input. Your InputManager should now be showing in the inspector. By looking at your error I would try to change Vertical->Axis to Y axis.

    Hope that helps!
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