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Here's a tip for if you want one hotspot to be 'in front of' another in a 2D game

Hello! Have you ever found you've had a small hotspot that you'd like to be 'in front of' another hotspot in a 2D game - say, a peephole on a door for example? The answer is simple - view the scene in 3D space, and adjust the hotspot's position on the z axis! This way, you can make it so that if you hover over the smaller hotspot that is in front, you will be interacting with this hotspot.


  • Not only that.  If you are using 2.5D (and perhaps 2D): You can also move game cameras 'in front' and 'behind' such z axis spots and, if you have it done correctly, then effectively those hot spots behind certain cameras are not "active".  Saves much scripting if you spend the time to do it properly.
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